A Guide to Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a therapy given to those who have communication disorders and swallowing problems. It is different from Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy since it focusses more on the communication area.

A typical Speech therapy session for pediatric patients in the Philippines lasts for an hour and the price per session varies per clinic.


In a pediatric set up, the therapy session is always a mix of work and play.

Every after a therapy session, speech therapists talk to the parent or guardian of the child. They report to them the progress of the child and advises them on what they could do at home to continue the therapy. This is why parents play a vital role on speech therapy. The success of the therapy depends on their collaboration with their children as well as their collaboration with the speech therapists of their children.


Why is early intervention important?  

One study showed that early intervention had a notable impact on a child’s development. It found that the earlier parents intervene, the more likely it is to provide better results in alleviating or correcting their child’s communication disorder.