A Mother's Limitless Dedication

Watch the story of Ms. Trixie and her 2 sons, Job and Alphonso, with Global Developmental Delay and Autism Spectrum Disorder respectively. Despite discovering that her 2 sons have speech disorders, she is not setting limitations on her child.

My First Teacher

Watch the story of Ms. Joy and her son, Leo, who has mental retardation with mild autism. Leo was just Joy’s student back in the day until the two became really close and eventually, Joy became Leo’s adoptive mother.

My Second Mother

Watch the story of Ms. Corazon and her grandson, Balong. Balong went on her grandmother’s custody after his parents left to work abroad. At an early age, they discovered that Balong had cerebral palsy. Ms. Corazon consistenly brings Balong to therapy clinics in hope that he would be able to improve his speech.


Zarina is a 31 year old  mother of one who currently works as an in chat representative in an in-house company. Her son, Yakov,  is a 5 year old child with Speech and Language Delay and Mild Autism. By the time her son turned three, Yakov still was not…

Ever since she discovered that her 2 sons have communication disorders, Trinidad “Trixie” Indefenzo has easily accepted her child’s condition. Unlike any other parents, it wasn’t hard for her to warmly acknowledge Job and Alphonso’s condition…

Dechie  is a local government worker who served as her grandson’s second parent after Frankie’s mother left for Manila to work. Since then, Dechie has always been taking care of Frankie, her grandson who was born with Autism Spectrum Disorder…


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